The Triple Convergence

No No, this is not something I have come up with. This is Chapter 3 from “The World is Flat” that I am currently reading. After discussing the 10 flatteners of the world, Tom describes in this chapter how they converged and helped levelling the playing field. He calls it the ” Triple Convergence” , we will see how the same works:
1) Convergence 1–> It takes in to stride the fall of berlin wall along with Netsacape browsers, Work flow softwares, Out sourcing, Offshoring, Supplychaining, Insourcing, Informing and Steroids that converged by the fall of year 2000. This convergence in turn led to a global playing field for nultiple forms of collaboration.
2) Convergence 2–> This takes in to consideration and 1st convergence and how it was utilised for enhancing productivity by a new cadre of managers, innovators, business consultants, business schools, CEO’s, IT Specialists. How they got comfortable with and developed sorts of horizontal collaboration and value-creation processes and habits.
3) Convergence 3–> And this came into picture, it opened a chain of opportunities for peopleto come out in th open field and compete. This actually gave boost to cross border people from India, China and Russia to connect and show their capabilities.
There is lot more to come, and its going to be joy ride, Stay tuned!


One Response to The Triple Convergence

  1. jessica kirby says:

    I’m in the process of reading this book now. It’s a lot better than i thought it would be. Although why Friedman decided to write a sequel after making three editions is beyond me. anyway, what no one seems to comment on is the beneficiaries of the Triple Convergence. pardon my lousy spelling

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